The Big Fat GoPrem Wedding

The Big Fat GoPrem Wedding

4 Experiential Celebrations. 4 Enthralling Themes. 4 Alluring Masterstrokes

Noted for its heritage structures, palaces and festivities, Mysore etched one of the grandest weddings into its royal history this year. Royalty, traditions & opulence, the GoPrem Wedding boasted of it all! The celebrations and ceremonies lasted for three days and were planned with clock-work precision, in a smooth yet orderly and grand fashion.

Destination: Mysore

The Guruvayoor function

The GoPrem couple tied the knot at the auspicious Krishna temple in Guruvayur, Kerala one monsoon morning.Soon after this solemn and intimate ceremony, the couple and their families were flown back to Mysore in four chartered helicopters.

The Guruvayoor function The newly wed couple seeks blessings from Guruvayoorapan

Prem Da Rang – Mehendi

Prem Da Rang, the mehendi ceremony followed in the afternoon at the bride’s residence. The North Indian themed celebration had uber fun games, interactive dances and singing performances. An Indian traditional tea stall welcomed the guests with freshly brewed tea and authentic Indian tea snacks. The lawn was decked up with plush pink, mustard yellow and blue drapes and diwans that were accentuated with designer cushions.

The color tone really accented the spirit of the event.

As men were greeted into the venue with colourful safas, the ladies were engaged by the mehendi artists with their creative curves and strokes. The couple was brought onto the stage by an exuberant Punjabi dhol band and Bhangra dancers that set the mood for the evening. For the ceremonial part of the celebration, close family and friends blessed the couple by applying Mehendi and Haldi on them, the traditional way. The interactive dandiya got everyone onto the dance floor that instantly spiked up everyone’s energy levels! Performances by the couple’s family and friends were heart-warming, that even led the couple to join in on one of the performances.

Ain’t no party like a Mehendi Party!

Bombay Velvet – Sangeeth

The mehendi venue was transformed into retro Bollywood within a span of one hour for the Sangeet event that night. For the retro vibe, the ambience was crafted with vinyl discs emblazoned with retro Bollywood posters, edison bulbs, lighted vintage bird cages and custom hand painted Bollywood posters.

Bombay Velvet, one of the most fun celebrations of the GoPrem Wedding, had many surprises in store for the couple and the guests alike. To start with, the grand entrance of the couple was amongst a series of dance performances showcasing the transition of Bollywood styles over the years. The couple entered on a kitschy Vespa in filmy style towards end of the performance and joined the dancers on the stage for the final impact! The gorgeous bride was given a blissful surprise by her family in the form of a video montage. The montage had memorable photos of varied phases in her life along with memorable and heart touching instances about her narrated by her family members. This brought both giggles and tears from the ground and even the couple was overwhelmed and speechless.

Taking it old school!.

The main surprise of the evening was however, a 3D custom modelled live puppet show that told the story of the couple. The wooden puppets were designed and carved out to look exactly like the couple. Fun and witty family dance performances kept the guests routed to their seats through the celebration. Renowned playback vocalist, Anoop Shankar and band took over the stage through the rest of the night and treated the crowd to some divine music!

First 3D Puppet Show ever, at a wedding!

The Grand Wedding

Erected with magnificent palace-like structures, the great Lokaranjan Grounds of Mysore was prepped up for the grand wedding the next morning. A life-size embellished cut out of the wedding logo in the centre with palm trees on either side adorned the driveway to the main entrance. The enthusiastic beats of the traditional 30 member Shingarimelam welcomed all the guests at the main entrance. Guests were offered sandalwood paste, lemons, jasmine strings and sweetened cubes as they entered the premises to attend Kalyana Soughandiam, the traditional Kerala Hindu wedding.

The stunning marble pond with rose petals at the centre of the welcome area had breathtaking floral chandeliers right above it, adding to the imperial aura designed by the décor team. The main event zone was decked in shades of white, gold and red. An eight pillared 40 ft spherical hand crafted and florally rich mandap was the highlight of the event. Illustrated with elephant headfountains that served ponds with lotuses on all sides, the mandap was set right in the centre of the event zone.

The couple made their grand entrances to the mandap with the auspicious ashtamangalyam and 26 thaalam girls dressed in traditional Kerala set mundu along with the nadaswaram team. The traditional ritualistic thaalikettu followed with the directions from the pandit who was specially flown in from Kerala.

Immediately after the wedding ceremony, the couple was surprised by the family yet again with a 100 member flashmob around the mandap. Elegant formations, group-wise synchronization and the gesture were much appreciated by the guests who were present to witness the extravaganza. Balaleela, the traditional violin rendition of the late renowned violinist Balabhasker’s band moved the guests with their version of Thyagaraja Krithis.

The amazing Flash mob

Traditional Kerala sadya was served with a twist at the GoPrem wedding. Apart from the coconut and spices rich traditional Kerala dishes served on the plantain leaf, north Indian vegetarian dishes were also included to surprise the taste buds!

The Swinging 70’s – Reception

The finale of the GoPrem celebrations was held at the iconic Lalitha Mahal. The drive 100 mtr drive through inside a serial lit tunnel wowed the guests even before they entered the venue. The palace was marvellously lit up highlighting the magnificence of the palace. The Swinging 70s welcomed guests at the main entrance with larger than life LED walls depicting the mood of the evening.

At the welcome zone, princesses clad in extravagant costumes served welcome drinks to all the guests. The Gatsby-themed stage had 2 red carpeted crescent-shaped staircases detailed with peacock and lion figurines. Right in the middle of the checkered stage hung an elegant 8 feet ornamental chandelier adorned with coloured glass balls. The lawn on the two sides had heavily decked round and long tables that were accentuated with vintage candle stands, hanging geo terrariums, imported flowers & Edison bulbs. A carousel inspired fellowship counter served cocktails and mocktails to the guests through the evening. The multi-cuisine dinner menu was widespread across the venue and each counter was set thematically as per the food being served at the counter.

The couple made their grand entrance in a 1950 model vintage car to the venue. Gatsby-themed dancers brought them down to the centre of the stage from the balcony of the stage.

The gorgeous vintage car makes the Swinging 70’s complete!

The guests were treated to a 26 member multi-lingual new gen band specially orchestrated for the night. The Indian Epic Project stole the show with their music and ensured the dance floor was never empty. Along with them, theme-based professional dancers kept the guests engaged. The night came to an end with a magnificent display of fireworks lighting the night sky in glorious colours and patterns.

The Indian Epic Project rocked the night!

The people of Mysore were truly spellbound to witness a wedding of this opulence, scale and guest-friendly arrangements.